Today, there are an estimated 90 million home sewers in the United States. Once upon a time, most of them learned how to sew and how to maintain their machines in a home economics class. These days, few schools offer home economics and fewer still offer courses in mechanical repair, so fewer people than ever know how to tune up their own machines or fix their machine when they push the button and it won't go. Since more people now purchase machines from department stores rather than specialty sewing shops that offer classes in maintaining and fixing small problems as part of their sales package, many people get home with their new machine without even the slightest clue of how it actually works.

An example of such a niche is "buying sewing machines online". You can setup an e-commerce store on online selling of top 10 sewing machines for quilting. This niche can be very profitable to you because of really less competition. You can have the entire market to yourself and explore it in your own fashion.

According to psychologists, donating stuff also increases the positive spirit inside you. You can donate old clothes or sewing machines reviews any stuff that you would happily live without. Looking at other people who are more unfortunate than you will make you feel better than others.

Now you can begin forming chains. Sew squares end to end to end until you have a complete chain of squares. Make as many of these chains as you need to go across the width of the bag. So, if your bag was a width of 15 squares you will need to sew around 19 chains to cross the width.

Sewers like creating easy quilts for dollies no matter what their skill level because they are able to try various techniques without making a sizeable investment of time or materials. Most everyone finds that the time spent is well worth it.

Another therapy that can increase your self happiness is any talent that you have inside you. If you are an excellent writer then write about anything that makes you feel contented. Write about some good memories, poetry or extracts from your day. If you are passionate about writing, this is a win-win idea to make you feel great about yourself.

Sewing - Many of these old Singer machines still work and many people find a great deal of satisfaction using them for what they were designed for; sewing.

And finally...I know what it's like to lose your source of income...that awful frustrating and empty feeling in your stomach, along with many sleepless nights, etc. Believe me...I been there...I've done that! With a world economy and so much competition coming from can be frustrating and agonizing! So, my best advice is to fatten up your resume...and get started right away...hope for the best...and hustle like you never have before! GOOD LUCK!

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